hypnosis works

FIRSTLY, IT IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW: Clinical hypnosis has evolved so much in the last few decades and keeps on evolving and proving itself with great results. 

Interesting to know

Hypnosis has a long history of helping with the emotional and the physical.  From addictions to panic attacks - From pain reduction to insomnia.

In 1892, the British Medical Association endorsed the therapeutic use of hypnosis. 
1956  pope  Pius XII gave his approval to hypnosis 
Dr. Jack Gibson [1909-2005] was a doctor at Naas General Hospital where he performed thousands of procedures using hypnosis & without the use of conventional anaesthetics - including surgeries (even amputations) and treatments of first-degree. 

Secondly, When undergoing clinical hypnotherapy, you have full awareness all the time - you are never put to sleep (as many mistakenly think).  

  Isn't it comforting to know that a treatment has been in use for hundreds of years (even more actually) and that it is constantly being modernized so it can be more effective more quickly in so many areas of our lives?  Thankfully, hypnotherapy is one such practice.   

  It is quite amazing that hypnosis can now start to bring change in minutes and isn't it great that major positive change can happen without the use of equipment or medications. This is all thanks to some very insightful theorists and practitioners over the years who accepted the power of our subconscious mind, how it can influence our day to day behaviours, even our physical health and they set about improving the methodologies of treatment ....

... For example, are you often told that accomplishing something is just a matter of 'mind over matter'; or your doctor tells you that your physical ailment is due to stress; or someone tells you to 'get over it' when you are upset, angry or maybe still grieving a loss; or you should 'just stop' smoking or 'just stop' eating so much junk:  Intellectually, you know these things and maybe you even know what needs to be done but you just can't do it - you just can't get to where you need to in order to eliminate those hurdles or negatives that hold you back. So, can you see how it really can be your 'mind' that is holding you back (more specifically, your subconscious mind) and this is where hypnosis steps in to help you basically do a ‘reset’ to get your mind on board with what you want and need.


   You see, our subconscious mind does its best to keep us safe and free from harm (emotional and physical) but sometimes it uses the wrong method to do that. For some reason(s) it learned or was conditioned to do things a certain way. e.g. panic attacks and phobias are quite often your mind’s way of saying “ Hey, we’ve been in this kind of situation before and it was traumatic for you, let me get you away from it this time,” and even though you logically think there’s nothing to fear, you still experience a panic attack or you run away from a spider. So, unfortunately your subconscious (emotional) mind overrides your conscious, logical thinking part of your mind.

So most often we can't just stop having panic attacks or 'get over' phobias as these can be a very clear reaction to an unpleasant event (i.e. trauma) that happened when a child, your mind hung on to the memory and emotions of that time and now it manifests them in an inappropriate way in adulthood.  

What kind of events can do that? Well, it could be almost anything:

  • Maybe you became scared when you got lost in a crowd for a few minutes when you were four and now as an adult you panic in locations that have a lot of people.

  • Maybe a rooster chased you when visiting your granny in the country and now you get stressed-out whenever you see any type of bird.

  • Maybe you suffered physical abuse as a child and now you have trust issues or you are abusive yourself.

You may not remember the particular event that started it all but your subconscious does and with hypnotherapy that event(s) can be found and then the solution implemented during your session so there will be no more panic attacks, or you’ll be able to accept all of our feathered friends without a problem.

Just like in medicine, treating the cause relieves the symptoms.

And, wouldn’t it be nice to reduce or eliminate any need or reliance on medications/drugs?

   In essence, when your will power (part of your conscious mind) is not enough to effect the change you need, it is probably time to have a chat with your subconscious via hypnotherapy – where you get to have better control over you; where you can improve your personal development or rid yourself of what causes you some kind of hardship.

   Rapid Reframe Clinic just loves to help with what seems like a quirky annoyances (like a bird phobia) which, quirky or not, still brings on stress and also with the more serious stressors that can bring on physiological ailments (skin conditions, IBS, addictions).

Addiction is not a disease. It’s an attempt to solve the problem of emotional pain.

Dr. Gabor Mate

Hypnosis is one of the most effective techniques in the treatment of skin disease. Sadly …… it is seldom used.”

Dr. Jack Gibson

Dr. Gibson was an Irish surgeon & hypnosis practitioner who conducted many surgeries while patient was under hypnosis. Surgeries performed this way usually result in a shorter recovery time, a better feeling of well-being and less need for medications.