examples of how hypnotherapy can work for you.

THE IMPORTANCE OF reducING stress & anxiety

We can't get away from stresses really and sometimes stress can actually be a positive thing. But if you are experiencing stresses and/or anxiety to the point that it is taking a long term emotional and/or physical toll, then perhaps it is time to choose to get help via hypnotherapy.

If your day to day coping skills like meditation, exercise, painting, reading etc., are not working; If maybe you are not sleeping properly, you're quick to anger, you have anxiety on a regular basis and/or your doctor has diagnosed some other stress-related condition(s), it is time to get answers and to get solutions.  

Now while there is an abundance of research related to stress and its effects on the physical body, thankfully there is also a lot of documented evidence on the benefit of hypnotherapy in reducing stress and anxiety which in turn can have a trickle down effect in relieving other related issues.  Stress can exacerbate pain, IBS symptoms, mood swings, insomnia, heart conditions .... really a countless number of ailments.  

If you require aid in reducing your stress levels, you really should consider hypnotherapy as a drug-free solution.

Here are just a few things that are normally helped by reducing stress and anxiety levels:

  • Gastrointestinal problems

  • Asthma

  • Depression

  • Eating Disorders

  • Blood Pressure

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Diabetes

  • Cardiovascular problems

  • Headaches & Pains

  • Fatigue

running towards & getting success

Goal setting is up to you but sometimes achieving those goals doesn’t come easy be it due to lack of confidence or self worth, insecurity, fear, or maybe just avoidance and procrastination.

  • Do tests freak you out?

  • Does the thought of public speaking send you into a tizzy?

  • How strong is your self confidence?

  • What prevents you from seeking that promotion?

  • Do you flub at the crucial time in a game?

If there is something holding you back then the answer lies within, e.g.: Imagine you are an athlete and a good one at that but you always stumble in the crucial races. Now the answer to why this happens, if not consciously known to you, can be found in your subconscious (and remember, your subconscious is really always trying to serve you well).   Is your subconscious mind serving you this way because it knows you’d hate the added attention winning will bring, or; maybe moving up a level takes you away from your comfortable, secure place or, maybe you are riddled with low self esteem.

Through hypnotherapy we can seek the answer to
why it happens and help you refocus your very powerful subconscious mind on ridding you of insecurities so it can better help you achieve what you really want.


Think about this:
The only person who gets to decide if something was traumatic is the person who experienced the event.

This is why the mantra 'don't allow someone else tell you how to feel' makes perfect sense.

Events or traumas resonate more emotionally with some than with others. Such events (and looking back some may even seem surprisingly mundane) can lead to anxiety, depression, panic attacks, phobias, and even manifest in physical ways, e.g. hair loss, skin conditions, asthma.   

Now, such recurring issues so often grow from an event we experienced as a child (often unremembered or misremembered) and regression hypnotherapy can quickly find that starting point, rid you of the negative emotional connection and thus eliminate - or, at the very least, reduce - the negative impacts experienced post the event.  It’s like a puzzle really and it’s a wonderful thing to help you solve the puzzle of     "I don't know why this happens to me" or "I don't understand why I feel this way," and we at Rapid Reframe love to help you solve the puzzle with you so you can feel better. E.g., if you have questions like:

  • If I consciously know the butterfly won't harm me, why am I running away from it and feeling so panicked and stressed?

  • If I know that flying in a plane is very safe, why won't I board one?

  • Why did I have such bad psoriasis this week?

  • Why do I get such bad migraines when someone disappoints me?

Rapid Reframe Hypnotherapy clinic have some great ways of getting the answer and resolving the symptoms you now experience - quickly.



some fee information


An Important Step

The consultation is an important first step for us both.  This is when we share information and we at RRC can formulate a personalized plan for your sessions with us.  We will get a better picture of what the treatment plan will be so we can be honest and upfront as possible with you.  If time and conditions permit, we may move beyond the consultation phase on the first visit and move into the hypnotherapy process or perhaps into our meditation program.  If you haven't had hypnotherapy before, this is an introductory but very beneficial first step.  Most consultations will be for 45min €89.  If you're not new to hypnotherapy, let us know.

Some Set Fees

A List of Set Fees

  • Stop Smoking: €225 (1-2 Sessions)
  • Releasing Anger & Finding Forgiveness. A great way to move past emotional obstacles: €245 (2-3 Sessions)
  • Phobias: €245 (2-3 Sessions)
  • Hourly: €135  
  • Students*: 15% discount.
  • Cancellation fees as stated in agreement.