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1)  the connection between the removal of pain, of hurt
and the power of hypnosis 


The use of hypnosis as a treatment for a plethora of issues has been ongoing for hundreds of years.  Even  in the  early 19th century, there are references to hundreds of  surgical interventions where hypnosis was the sole anesthetic. 

Irish doctor, Jack Gibson, who learned the power of hypnotherapy abroad in the 1930's, brought this methodology back to Ireland and used it to perform surgeries in Naas Hospital.  

So, if even for surgeries hypnosis can reduce or eliminate pain, stress and trauma while also lessening recovery time, then surely we can accept that it can help us reduce chronic, nagging, useless* pain for us during our daily lives. 

* pain of course serves a purpose but sometimes pain can outlive its original purpose.  When all medical issues have been dealt with yet the impression of physical  pain still lingers , the question then is, what else needs to be considered? (hypnosis helps) 

more current

Of course now in the age of anesthetics in drug form, drugs tend to be the go-to form of pain-numbing used and recommended by hospitals and most medical practitioners.  Of course it is easy to see why and we can also argue why sometimes drugs are not the best course of treatment (but that's a whole different topic). 
Physical pain has many causes and people cope in different ways to pain but ongoing chronic pain can sap a person physically and emotionally.
In our more global world, we have now become more aware of alternative treatments to assist with coping, reducing or eliminating pain.  Through various wellness programs offered by employers and health boards, we are more open and accepting of the fact that not all pain and physical ailments are due to our genes, illness or physical trauma.  The wonderful thing about hypnotherapy is that it can be used to help with the emotions and (thus, in many cases) the physical  - getting to the cause is key.


I believe most people are now understanding
that how we feel pain varies, the causes of pain varies and that pain can be caused by physical trauma or/and emotional trauma. 

Many years ago I was sweeping the floor and suddenly my back 'went out' - I couldn't move for a while and the pain was unbearable.  I went to the doctor and his first question to me was " Are you under a lot of stress at the moment?"  It took me a moment to navigate through the implication of the question and of course the answer which was "yes."  That was a big lesson learned for me.
So consider these statements: (1)" Emotional information is stored through “packages” in our organs, tissues, skin, and muscles. These “packages” allow the emotional information to stay in our body parts until we can “release” it. Negative emotions in particular have a long-lasting effect on the body." (2) The European Journal of Pain, 2010, did a study and found that the greater the inhibition of anger the greater the experience of pain in women with fibromyalgia.

a last thought (or two) to remember : 
  • Acute pain is our body's alarm to get help now but why does our chronic pain alarm keep on buzzing?
  • some emotions can cause a lot of physical changes in our body - change our hormone levels, our chemistry, our nervous system..... But in most cases, the  causes and resulting troublesome changes (e.g. pain) can be found and healed through the use of hypnosis.