rapid reframe hypnotherapy 

PAULA -  Adv. Dip. Hypnotherapy, Mem. - European Assoc. of Professional Hypnotherapists 

As someone who has believed in holistic health and the power of our mind, it was a no-brainer to study Clinical Hypnotherapy when the chance arose.  To me, when we can use a therapy that is safe, non invasive, is quick to bring positive change, can reduce physical as well as emotional pain without the use of drugs, then I'm all for it. 

We all have a struggle of some sort in our lives and I want to lessen that struggle for as many people as possible - simply and effectively.  Sometimes we need to 'Reframe' some things in our minds or experiences so we can push forward with confidence and without the negatives that can sometimes hold us back - like fear, anger, low self worth.  Rapid Reframe Clinic (RRC) wants to help you 'reframe' and move forward 'rapidly'  .....  thus our name of course. 



Isn't life too short for us not to be as content and as healthy as possible?  

In the world of hypnotherapy we are advancing (or some would say, we are 'going back to the future') our knowledge more and more and at Rapid Reframe, we are all for advancement, research, new knowledge and change.  Luckily, there continues to be a greater understanding and newer evidence proving the strong mind/body relationship.  Hypnotherapy is about getting the mind and emotions to do a reset to where there is a much happier and healthier state - with the physical body too.

We are all worthy of a happy, balanced state and if we don't have it, we really should take care to seek methods to find that balance and one highly effective way -for so many issues-  is hypnotherapy.

your visit

There's no reason to hesitate to meet.

We promise:

  • We will make your visit with us as comfortable as possible.
  • We will be honest and straightforward.
  • You will always be treated with respect.
  • You discretion and confidentiality.
     We can even meet online if you prefer.

No fear

There's no reason to fear the process.

If you have concerns or fear, Rapid Reframe will put you at ease. Remember, you probably already go into a hypnosis-type state on a regular basis, it's true.        How often do you find yourself 'zoned out', not really concentrating on anything but still aware that actions are happening all around you? e.g., have you ever gotten lost in a good book or in watching tv yet you know the kids are playing just a few feet away and are safe?  Or, are you sometimes surprised when driving that you've reached a place without really noticing any landmarks along the way? These events are basically hypnotic events that don't cause you any worry.   

hypnotherapy can give you the change you seek.